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What service & maintenance projects entail.

These Projects Include:

  • LED lighting design, retrofits, and upgrades
  • Advanced lighting control installations to meet today’s current energy efficiency codes and guidelines
  • General troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for all of your electrical equipment.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations and equipment

Service & Maintenance

Service work is the foundation of who we are at Sasco. We provide 24/7 electrical and communications service to a wide range of facility, property, and building managers and operators. we work closely with our clients to find the best solutions for their needs, with the ability to handle everything from start to finish. From designing and planning, to permits, to the installation, and to commissioning. We strive for excellence on every project.

Preventive maintenance is essential for electrical equipment.  Lack of, or ignoring electrical maintenance is often directly related to failures that can trigger unwanted downtime or even cause severe injury or death.

Often, it is challenging to establish and maintain a reasonable budget for maintaining electrical equipment and systems. If everything is working, there is no problem. The whole idea behind a preventive maintenance program is to prevent anticipated failures. This is accomplished through regularly servicing equipment, identifying replacement intervals and scheduling outages to perform the replacements.

Preventive maintenance is often ignored and considered too expensive to implement. In reality, it is a valuable investment that is measurable. Preventive maintenance can help avoid equipment failure, alleviate repair and replacement costs, and increase safety for personnel. It should not be treated as an unnecessary investment.

Our service for our customers is extremely valuable to them as we are able to trouble-shoot and repair small issues with your critical equipment, life-safety equipment, and building infrastructure, often before they become large issues.