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Fire Alarm Upgrades

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What a Fire Alarm Upgrade Project entails.

Steps involved in a fire alarm upgrade:

  • Design and engineering
  • City permits and fees
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Installation services
  • Prime contractor services where sub-trades would be coordinated
  • Verification, testing, programming, and Fire Safety Plan documentation

Fire Alarm Upgrade

Fire alarm and life-safety systems can be some of the most complicated systems in your building or facility.  Obviously, they are also the most important as they designed and intended to help keep people alive in times of emergency.  But like everything else, they are not designed to last forever, and you want to make sure that you completely trust whoever is working on these systems.

This work is highly complex and should not be left to a company with little past experience, as there are many challenges involved. Avoiding down-time is critical for the safety and well-being of the building’s tenants. At Sasco, our innovative systems allow the fire-alarm system to be fully operational during the upgrade with 0 down time.

Trust is earned and we take pride in the fact that at Sasco, we’ve been working on fire alarms since our beginning and are one of the province’s most trusted companies when it comes to fire-alarm and life-safety systems - we have completed projects across every sector: industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential.

Some of our biggest projects have been the historic Hotel Vancouver, a new Grain Terminal in North Vancouver, the Vancouver Convention Centre, and a 400 unit condominium tower.

Replacing or upgrading your fire alarm system can be a very complicated process.  We are able to guide you through the entirety of it, making sure you are getting what you need, in the most efficient way.  The process involves many steps and services, we are able to take care of them all.