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Server Rooms & Data Centers

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What server room projects entail.

These Projects Include:

  • 120 - 600V AC
  • DC wiring and equipment
  • UPS’s and communication components
  • Fibre, copper, security and access

Server Rooms & Data Centers

Sasco has a tremendous amount of experience in both building new data centres as well as servicing existing ones.

In today’s information and data dependent world, most data centres are considered mission-critical environments meaning there can be zero disruption to services. To put it simply: there needs to be zero downtime and zero incidents. Again, trust is huge as to who you would want to allow access to this environment.

Whether it be a data center for a major national telecommunication company, private companies, the province’s biggest universities, and hospitals, Sasco is trusted. In some cases, Sasco is often the only contractor allowed to service such sites.  

Live equipment that is highly sensitive and susceptible to dust and voltage fluctuations means a high degree of detail is necessary revolving around the methods and procedures in these environments. 

To mitigate risk and reduce the number of vendors and people inside your sensitive environment, consider enlisting a company that employs many different specialists who are able to complete the services you require. This will improve efficiency and communication and ensure that your systems are safely implemented.