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Distribution Upgrades

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What Distribution Upgrade Projects entail.

These Projects Include:

  • Unit sub-station replacements
  • Switchgear, distribution, and panelboard replacements 
  • Stand-by and Emergency Generator replacements 
  • Energy-efficient Lighting system and control replacements
  • Prime contracting services 

Distribution Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical infrastructure is key to maintaining the value of your asset, as well as ensuring that future essential upgrades can be implemented seamlessly. With experience working on some of Vancouver’s largest projects over the past 35 years, trust Sasco with your next upgrade.

Completing these upgrades has a host of benefits. They maintain the life and longevity of your asset, protect the well-being of your employees and people, and achieve energy efficiencies to reduce your spending on electricity. 

As your asset, building, or facility begins to age and depreciate it will require reinvestment in certain areas to extend the life of it. Just like replacing a roof on your home, you must replace systems in your building to keep it functioning properly and keep its occupants safe.  

These system replacements can be highly complex and involve many moving pieces.  When the work is primarily of an electrical nature you would naturally want an expert to be responsible for successful project execution. 

This is why Sasco is able to act as a Prime Contractor and coordinate the required specialty sub-trades in order to complete your project. We work closely with a wide range of other trades, such as HVAC and mechanical, Abestestos abatement, or civil repairs.