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Sasco’s institutional work are projects we hold very close to our heart. Ever since our work in renovating Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in the 90’s, we made it our goal to work with as many local organizations and institutions as possible. 

Whether it’s universities, government buildings or non-profit organizations, these projects are always a top priority and will always keep us motivated.

The services we provide these institutions include everything from complete fit outs and engineering, to simple preventative maintenance and upgrades.

Our work at these organizations doesn’t stop at only electrical work. Our Sasco Shares program encourages employees to donate an hour of pay to local charities (Such as Canuck Place) which is then matched by Sasco. We are guests at BCIT to teach students and better prepare them for their new careers. Finally our support to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank has been such a rewarding relationship and proud it has been ongoing for so long.

To learn more about these projects, check out our clients page or contact us today!

"At the end of the FY17, the opportunity to upgrade the Lighting Controls on our FIR Building at the NV Campus was offered to us.

Brendan Flannery showed a dedication; commitment and outstanding professional demeanor that was valued and very much appreciated in responding to this challenge and the inherent issues arisen in the course of this implementation.

Attitude makes a big difference and that makes many tasks completion feasible. We want to thank Brendan especially and SASCO for such an accomplishment."

Jordy Brown-Alfaro
Campus Infrastructure Manager
Capilano University